Eileen Long grew up in Scotland and moved to the East End of London where she spent 15 years working in the Social Work field.
Moving to Dartmoor with her family in 1999 Eileen began the exploration of her passion for photography.

In 2009 Eileen began full time study at the highly acclaimed Plymouth College of Art, graduating with a First Class BA (hons) Degree in Photography.

During the course of her degree Eileen began photographing on a commercial basis and has gained extensive experience in a diverse range of photographic genre with an emphasis on working with people, often in the most challenging of circumstances and environments.
Consequently she has developed a distinctive style that encompasses Fine Art and Documentary photography.

The quality of her work stands out because of her skill in blending technical and life skills. The results are images that depict an individual style of intimacy, precession and honesty.

Eileen in based in the city of Bristol where she works alongside her partner Chris.

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Eileen creates dramatic impact with her portraits of people. Her proximity to the subject matter instantly provokes thought and arouses interest.

I am inspired by her ability to capture the spirit...

_ Alison Ashurst, Client

Eileen Long is an ambitious and intrepid photographer, who never says no to a challenge. She straddles the divide between documentary and fine art practices, recently having become more heavily engaged in portraiture.

_ Synergy Magazine, April '13

I have been a tutor to Eileen at Plymouth College of Art since 2009. In the time that I have known her she has been an exemplary student in every respect.

She is a highly motivated and driven individual who always works hard and can be relied upon to give 100%.

_ Tim Gundry, PCA

These are memories that will last a lifetime on my wall! You put my sometimes shy, 4 year old daughter at ease and brought the best out in her which is difficult to portray in photos sometimes, however you managed it!

Your attention to detail was impeccable and this was reflected in the photos.

_ Jade Easton, Client

I have worked with Eileen on several commercial projects for high profile clients. She is professional in her approach and her photographs are high quality and show creative flair. She is enthusiastic and has a relaxed, easy manner that puts people at ease, from children to chief executives.

_ Catherine Bassindale, Client – ‘Words and Stuff’